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Song Da - Ucrin: Joining Hands to Build Vietnam Consulting and Engineering Trademark

11/09/2013 - 03:30 PM
Over the past 15 years of development, Song Da - Ucrin Consulting and Engineering Co., Ltd (Song Da - Ucrin) has engaged in surveying, engineering, consulting, examining and appraising more than 60 hydroelectric plants domestically and abroad. 25 of these have been put into operation and are safely operating and supplying thousands of megawatts of electricity, and two plants are in Laos and Africa.
      On July 17, 1998, Song Da - Ucrin was established as a joint venture between Song Da Corporation and Ucrinterenergo External Relation State-owned Enterprise and Ukraine Hydraulic Construction Company (formerly Ukraine Hydraulic Construction). Overcoming initial difficulties related to employees and experiences, thanks to the “Song Da workers” spirit, direction of board of managers and support of Ukrainian experts, workers and engineers of the company have consistently worked and established a firm status among Vietnam consulting and engineering companies, equally compared to other experienced consulting and engineering units in construction quality of hydroelectric plants.
In the field as energy consulting and constructing, especially consulting and engineering hydroelectric plants, the company always becomes a pioneer in applying inventions and initiatives in works like the first pressuriser in use in Na Loi hydroelectric plant, Nam Mu hydroelectric plant tunnel with the first use of concrete bunker with scale injected, handling hydraulic penstock anchor point Nam Mu in soft ground (by 30 metres pile depth), Nam Ngam hydroelectric dam with 55 metres height, or Eakrong hydroelectric with the third place in the highest dam of Vietnam, which were consulted, engineered, examined by the first Song Da - Ucrin engineers in arch dams of Vietnam. Projects, which were consulted, engineered and constructed by the company, always are insured in quality and harmless to environment and people, as regulated by State laws. Therefore, in the near future, Song Da - Ucrin will be able to face other international competitors.
For these achievements, company’s engineers, employees by generations have consistently examined, explored, and worked to create high quality products as well as training new generations of engineers who are ready to meet the complicated requirements of clients and collaborate with other large partners. In order to improve quality of consulting and engineering activities to meet higher requirements of customers, the company always focuses on training to improve skills for engineers, associating with foreign consulting units, and organising occupational conferences to exchange experiences for its employees. Thanks to the efficiency of operating projects, “Song Da - Ucrin” has gradually confirmed its reliability to domestic and foreign partners.
Currently, many domestic consulting and constructing companies have faced deep challenges in the context of the integration process, pressure in expanding market with limited capacity and competitors with higher development; realising that, Song Da - Ucrin has prepared human resources and utilised its prestige to collaborate and compete successfully. For 15 years, the company has been keen on maintaining its target quality, which is “always to create high quality products and services, satisfying high requirements of customers”, and also expanding markets, improving traditional industry, building sustainable businesses for the future with the motto: Higher efficiency gives higher quality.
There are a lot of projects affirming Song Da - Ucrin brand, therefore it becomes a well-known brand in the Vietnam consulting and engineering industry. Especially, as a result of the sustainable and friendly relationship between Vietnam and Ukraine, the company has received enthusiastic support from Ukrainian experts.
An An ( theo http://vccinews.com)